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We joined hands with the Public Corporation for Housing to buy your dream house. Incentives like low interest rate and fees exemptions are on the table with this loan.
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Basics to check

Available in
Available to finance the purchase of a first and primary residence
From 10 to 30 years

Conditions and numbers to know

First the awesome news. The loan is exempted from registration, mortgage and stamps fees. The maximum amount you can borrow is LBP 270,000,000. Your minimum down payment should be 20% from the price of the house. We also ask you to provide:
  • * First degree mortgage on the house in favor of the Bank
  • * Life Insurance and Permanent Total Disability Insurance
  • * Fire and Allied Perils Insurance
  • * Property insurance
Floating Regressive Rate: BDL Index - 4.72% = currently 3.78%
80% financing rate
Apartment registration & mortgage are free of charge
File fees are 1% of the loan amount

Boxes to tick

Before we give the landlord a big bag of money, we’ll ask for some papers and do some maths to make sure you meet our eligibility criteria.
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You’re Lebanese and can prove it with a “hi, kifik ca va?” and an ID.
You’re between 21 and 64 by the end of the loan period.
Your family revenues must not exceed LBP6,750,000 You’re running your own business or you’ve been employed for more than 2 years
You’re running your own business or you’ve been employed for more than 2 years.
Grab a calculator for this one. Your monthly installment must not exceed one third of your monthly income if you’re an employee or one quarter if you’re self-employed.

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