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Banking by Mira Haidar

E-shopping, online banking, and now Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies… the electronic transaction (e-transaction) environment ...

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BankingCommunity by Rita El Ghawi

Nowadays, there are sophisticated software programs designed for call centers to be more efficient, but the key ingredient to success is ...

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Banking by Joelle Ghazi

Over the past few months you’ve probably wondered why your inbox has been flooded with emails from different companies telling you ...

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BankingTechnology by Mark Medawar

Today’s bank robbers have evolved to adapt to banking industry’s increasingly digitized business and customers’ dependence on ...

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BankingCommunity by Nadine Ghanem

A healthy and strong corporate culture is critical to the success of an organization and gives all stakeholders a sense of pride and ...

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ProductsBanking by Kristel Lahoud

The holidays mean you’re finally getting to spend quality time with your loved ones, host that big family dinner, visit your relatives,...

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Banking by Patrick Karawani

Lebanese investors are right to hesitate when considering potential investment opportunities.

Rising interest rates in the US, ...

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